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India is Wisely handling Coronavirus.

By Rehan Rajput

The World’s 2nd most populated & most diverse country stands united in the battle against Novel Coronavirus epidemic (COVID – 19). The epidemic which originated from the Wuhan City of China is proving as havoc for the entire world. No one ever predicted its devastating effects will spread all over the world. The wealthiest countries such as the United States of America (U.S.A) with Italy, Spain, U.K, France are the most affected one. W.H.O has praised India’s effort and measures taken to fight against the pandemic. If we look at the numbers, total confirmed cases as of April 1st stands at 1637 with 1466 active cases, 38 deaths, and 132 recoveries in a country of over 1.3 Billion populations. These statistics seem pretty better than the other most developed nations across the world.

Though, the fears are growing over what would happen, if community spread happens in India. The people are worried as India has thousands of slum areas which includes “Dharavi” considered to be one of the world’s largest slum in an area of just 2.1 square kilometres with a population of 7,00,000. And, needless to say, that Indian authorities also admit about the healthcare system of India which is certainly not equipped to cope up with an epidemic situation. Thus, the Indian government with its all citizens are indeed in a need of an hour to stop this epidemic anyhow otherwise, it would be an apocalypse for the whole country.

So far, the Government has taken all necessary steps to tackle the situation wisely and it seems working as a 21-day pan – India lockdown bound 1.3 Billion people in their homes. This step has slowed down the epidemic and give some time-space to get prepared for this deadly pandemic. Apart from this, PM Modi announced a “PM Cares fund” to help the battle against Coronavirus, getting thousands of Crores. Ministry of Health and Social welfare is working with all its abilities to provide all basic facilities to health workers and spread awareness about the pandemic preventions. A lot of Social groups and non – government organizations (NGO’s) are working day night to ensure every poor gets food and people stay indoors till the lockdown ends.

Those are suspected Coronavirus positives are being sent to quarantine centres. And, all state governments are setting up new temporary hospitals and quarantine centres to fight against Coronavirus actively. After sudden announce of a 21-day lockdown, there are numbers of coronavirus positive foreigners were stuck India are kept under quarantine safely. Also, the government is keeping a close eye over the Indians with recent foreign travel histories. Thus, each concerned authority is doing their best to combat against the epidemic but there’s much more needs to be done.

The Coronavirus cases in India are increasing gradually in comparison to the other nations and the whole nation sacrificing a lot to stop the epidemic. And, this is mandatory for India to stop this pandemic anyhow because India knows it will be havoc for India, if not stopped timely.

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