Iraq condemned Iran’s Attack on U.S. troops in its soil

By Khalil Ahmed

Iraq condemned Iran’s attack on U.S. troops’ housing two military bases in Iraq. Foreign Affairs Ministry of Iraq has vowed it as a violation of its sovereignty. Iraq is the victim country facing all the troubles in its soil during all U.S.-Iran conflicts. The country is running through a devastating civil and military war. The country went under sever attacks after killing of Iranian military commander in Iraq.

Iraqi Foreign Affairs ministry strongly condemned Iran’s attack in their territory. They stated it was an attack on their sovereignty. The ministry urges all concerned for self-restraint. They also stressed to work together for the de-escalation of tensions and conflicts from Iraq and the region as well. The ministry showed its great concerns to bring peace back to the country. They do not want to make Iraq a battleground for war. The solution to the issue is their first priority in the region. Iraq will never allow anyone to make the territory a battle state for others. Iraq cannot afford to become a battleground for other nations like the U.S. and Iran. Country’s internal security and stability is their first priority and now one should play with it. The ministry strongly wowed not to become a corridor for anyone to launch attacks to their neighboring nations and region.

It was the first statement from any government department to condemn Iran’s attack. Otherwise, Iraq was supporting Iran’s stance to take revenge from the U.S. They also stressed for withdrawal of U.S. troops from their country. The foreign affairs ministry statement is an important development toward the U.S.-Iran tensions. Iraq condemned Iran’s attack on U.S. troops is a good step toward their sovereignty concerns.

On the other end, U.S. officials and personnel are still concerned about Iranian threats. As the situations are much under control after the U.S. President Mr. Donald Trump’s address to the nation. Trump Speaks after Iran’s Attack on U.S. troops Bases in Iraq. However, the greater risk of Iranian threat is still prevailing in the region for U.S. troops and its allies. Iran may not go for direct war or direct hits to U.S. people and infrastructure in the region. Nevertheless, they might go for different proxies to target U.S. people and infrastructure.

U.S. government did not go for a direct war with Iran. As Trump administration decided to hit Iran with more sanctions. Although new sanctions are still unclear, these would be so strict and long-term that would down Iran forever. It seems that the U.S. strategically wants to react. New, sanctions would force Iran in Isolation and economic failure. That is the ultimate wish of the U.S. The U.S. has asked Europe and NATO to come along with them to deal with Iran conflict. If Europe and NATO support the U.S. stance, it will be hammering Iran with international trade, political and financial sanctions. New sanctions are awaiting to come.

However, both parties are considering multiple options to handle the issue. It seems Iran will also not go for more weapon usage. The Iraq role is very important in the whole paradigm. Iraq is tilting up and down with the situation. They do not want to leave Iran support.  However, the increasing influence of Iran along with already present U.S. troops in their territory is also a challenge for them. They want to get rid of instability and war. They want the U.S. to withdraw their forces from their country. However, it would take time to expel all of them. Iraq’s own approach toward their sovereignty is vital for them.

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