Jeff Koinange’s Family Gets Kshs2 Billion Richer

By Esther Nyambura

High Court Judge Justice Aggrey Muchelule has today ruled out that the wealth of the late Mzee Paul Mbiyu Koinange, who was a prominent Kikuyu polygamous man, will be shared equally among the 12 beneficiaries regardless of sex and age.

The Judge also said that Mbiyu’s children and wives would have an equal claim of the property and shares. The late minister left behind estates and properties valued over Ksh30 billion in the Mzee Jomo Kenyatta era and had four wives namely: Loise Njeri Mbiyu who passed away in 1966, Damaris Wambui Mbiyu who passed away in 2010, Margaret Njeri Mbiyu and Eddah Wanjiru Mbiyu.

Loise had 6 children and 3 of them have already passed on. Damaris had 7 children and 5 of them have passed away. Margaret and Eddah didn’t bore children. An appeal by Margaret and Eddah stated that “The late Mzee was a prominent Kikuyu man whose properties should be equally distributed in accordance with Kikuyu customary law and without considering the number of children.”

Each beneficially will get 20.5 acres of estate and the shares to be divided include 32,000 shares in Koinange Investments Development Limited, 508 shares in Kenyatta Trading Company Limited, and shares in ICDC.

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