Kemi, A Trader In Oyo Town Accuses Husband Of Stealing Her Undies

By Yusuf Akinloye Akintunde

It was like a joke at the Oyo town customary court, when a lady named Kemi Bamigbola who is a trader accused her husband of stealing and seizkung her undies, coupled with him forcefully shaved her head hair with her not knowing the purpose of doing such.

While approaching the customary court seeking and asking for divorce from the court, she explained that, the accused husband is always found of beating her in a merciless way anytime she refuses to allow him do most of his bad atrocities.

She added that, her husband, Mr. Rabiu Bamigbola, have once accused her of why she has male child among the wives he has. And while answering question from the customary court judge, Mr. Rabiu Bamigbola, said, he did not want to object the divorce application by his frustrated wife, and that, he denied that, he want a male child for marrying her.

It was noted by Kemi Bamigbola that, he has not had male child from those 2 wives she met at home, and she is the one that has given him twin boys, which she has sadly lost one.

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