Kenyan Govt on the spot over C-19 Funds!

By Susan Njire

The government of Kenya has been put on the spot by the US and UK over embezzlement allegations of donor funds for covid-19. Ambassadors of US and UK expressed their disappointment over the reports.Speaking to citizen TV on Aug 12 they slammed the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) for violating procurement laws in the guise of an emergency.

“Am emergency is no excuse for incompetence not to be accountable to donors, taxpayers and people.It no excuse not to deliver to people who are in dire need.I do talk about it in KEMSA, this has to be looked because this is not just the Ksh.800Billion thievery that takes place every year” McCarter shared.

He also said that corruption in Kenya especially during this pandemic was taking away opportunities from the people who May need them in form of PPEs and drugs. Marriott on the other hand called for accountability and transparency.She urged the head of KEMSA to take personal responsibility for the graft cases. She however noted that it was not in her jurisdiction to push for the resignation of state officers who have been implicated in corruption.

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