Keroche CEO’s Daughter Is DeadNews Description

By Esther Nyambura

Ms. Tecra Muigai, the daughter of the CEO Keroche Breweries, Joseph Karanja is dead. A statement by Keroche Breweries where she served as the director of strategy and innovations read, “Tecra Muigai Karanja passed away on Saturday afternoon following a tragic accident.” The statement did not clarify where the accident happened.

Little is known about the late heir of Keroche Breweries. She worked really hard for her anonymity and for it to remain that way. Just two months ago, Anerlisa who is Tecra’s sister disclosed that she does not share her sister’s photos because she hated being on the limelight. “My sister is so cold towards me.

When we walk together then she sees a lot of people, she always leaves me like somebody she doesn’t know. “She also introduces me as her friend lol, the worst is when she denies me. She just hates the spotlight and that is why I don’t post her photos on my page even if it’s a family photo,” Anerlisa wrote on Instagram.

A statement by Keroche Breweries revealed that Tecra’s brilliance, passion, and energy were the source of important innovations that have enriched the company’s product range. Kenyans took to Twitter to pay their last respects as they send condolence messages to Tecra’s family. RIP Tecra.

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