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Khanyi defends 14 year old daughter for dressing like an adult

By Tatenda Marwodzi

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It has only been a few days since her father’s funeral but Khanyi Mbau has single handedly entangled herself in a controversy. And this time around it involves her 14 year old daughter.

The TV personality received some backlash on Thursday for sharing a picture of her daughter wearung a full face of makeup, weave and raunchy dress that revealed her ample bosom. 

And not surprisingly, the comment section below the post was filled with grown men salivating over the innocent girl. It was at this point that a twitter user shared her concern “This child is 14 and her mom makes her wear a wig and expect people to realise she’s 14?” 

The comment was followed by more opinions saying that Khanyi’s daughter is still too young to be wearing weaves or that much makeup. “I know that we are growing up in a different time but I don’t think that Khanyi Mbau’s child at 13 or 14 has to be wearing a full face. They should let this little girl maintain her innocence.”

It was at this point that Khanyi had had enough of the backlash and she decided to defend her daughter. 

“I want you to “thought” for your own daughter and your own budget! Secondly till you have a celebrity daughter you can also recommend what’s best for a child that is Khanyi Mbau’s child!” she responded. According to Khanyi, her daughter is allowed to dress that way because being Khanyi Mbau’s child comes with “requirements”.

So it seems she will not stop dressing the way she likes because of public opinion. South Africa just has to embrace and respect her choices.

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