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Kwesta furious at BMW for using his song in new Ad without permission

By Tatenda Marwodzi

South African hip hop star, Kwesta, is furious at BMW for using a remake of his song Spirit in their new advert. According to Kwesta, BMW neither paid nor requested for permission to use the song. “Do the right thing,” he said to the car manufacturer. Kwesta believes it was foul play and BWM should pay him or drop the advert. “It took so much effort from so many people to get the rights to sample that song. This ad cheapens those efforts,” he added. The star also confirmed that he is preparing to approach BMW with the backing of legal experts.

A one minute advert is what started all the commotion. In commemorating Heritage month, BMW decided to release an advert “celebrating the iconic Gusheshe”. However, the visuals and track used are a replica of Kwesta’s song Spirit. Many fans have been outraged by this and have called on BMW to either “pay Kwesta or redo the whole advert”.

Others have however expressed that BMW did nothing wrong. “ If it’s a remake then BMW is safe and Kwesta can’t do anything about it,” said one twitter user. Another added, “the remake means they don’t have to pay the artist but still use the affinity to the song for marketing purposes.” BMW has not yet responded to these allegations.

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