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Love & Betrayal Part. 2

By Muhammad Y Musa

trust exists and we began to shelter strong secrets between ourselves , Truth to be told, she even tell me about issues which I promised myself never to let it shine not for the purpose of this piece nor for any reason else to think of, these got me trapped in a cage of love, I was just 19 then, and she was 22.

Seeing how we both believed in the company of each other I trust myself a word of love to her and she accepted with a due compliments and things just begun pleasing as much to say ever happily…… We built a bond of relationship where everyone’s worries bothers the other , She became part of me and I got attached to her.

I got admitted into Ahmadu Bello University to study Chemical Engineering, things all went well. A week to the school resumption date was one of the memories I can’t skip without narrating, one evening within the days we rightly planned for a meet up and it goes as scheduled, 15mints before the meet up time a texts messages bang through my phone. Yes, she is the one “Can’t wait to see you” is something that she sent, I replied her with ” Me too”.

It was an Italian soft long sleeve T shirt dress I wore that day, my body is breathing out a scent of Oudh Al-abiyadh, my best perfume at the time, on her arrival the space got queued with a pleasing scents of our perfumes, we discussed also on issues we don’t even plan to talk about, the henna on her hands makes me grab her at first, she keeps  quite and we both breath heavily, it was my first time of kissing , a thing I have never expected so earlier, a moment of absolute silence crossed with my hands shaking in catch away for a fear, my heart beats unconditionally, I love you is the next thing that comes out of my mouth.

Well, we should be going this is what she said, your wish is my command is what I replied her with, she then finally set her way home as I escort her. This day was one of the precious days in the history of my life, I can’t deny it been one of the memories in the history of how I found my love amidst a struggle of rejection fear.

I took her as one and she meant the world to me, we write to each other more than necessary and giving her a gift becomes part of what I can’t skip, life goes on……. we are both happy with the way things are and many people describe the relationship as parasitism looking at her age and body build-up as the beneficiary while I took that just as an opinion which is an entitlement for those who wants to temper with this course. On my resumption to school nothing has changed we both look okay the way things are moving just like before she promised to marry me and I promise to marry her, time goes after time we still hold with each other’s promise getting to a quite longer period.

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