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Lovely messages from Nigerian couples to celebrate Valentine’s day

By Oluwaseun Sonde

History has it that Valentine’s Day, a day Romance Lupercalia survived the initial rise of Christianity but was outlawed, as it was deemed “un-Christian”, at the end of the 5th century, when Pope Gelasius declared February 14 St. Valentine’s Day. It was not until much later, that the day became definitively associated with love.

St Valentine’s Day is an annual festival to celebrate romantic love, friendship and admiration. Every year, on the 14th February people celebrate this day by sending messages of love and affection to partners, family and friends, that’s why I took my time to meet with some Nigerian couples who penned down some romantic and lovely messages to celebrate their partners.

Below are their messages:

Mr & Mrs Adeyanju

Since I married you, my heart has never been happier. happy valentine’s day my prince, my love, my heart, myself forever valentine. my love for you is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever felt and I love that you feel the same for me. happy valentine’s day, my husband! from Mrs Kehinde Adeyanju

Taiwo & Alice

With you baby, everyday is our valentine, but I want to use this day to specially wish my Alice a wonderful celebration. happy valentine’s day boo. from Taiwo❤ (intending couples)

Mr & Mrs Babalola

Thank you for making my world such an awesome place. happy valentine’s day to you dear hubby, you’re my happily-ever-after, My forever love, and the hero of my heart. I love you. You’re all that I ever hoped for in a husband, and nothing makes me happier than knowing we’re building a wonderful life together. To the king of my heart, with love from your ever loving wife , Mrs Taiwo babalola ♥️

Mr & Mrs Ogun

You are my other half, my partner in love , my best friend and my soulmate.I love you with every drum beat of my heart and it continues to grow every single day i promise to always inspire you, to lift you up when you fall, to kiss your cheeks when they are stained with tears of happiness. I love you more than everything, happy valentine’s day…. your wife Mrs Motunrayo Ogun ❤

Lilian and Ayodeji

I bless the lord for today and for making me to be part of your world. Ayodeji, thanks for being my love and my king, the father of my baby girl, I wish you happy valentine’s day. from yours truly , Lillian❤

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