LSK asks Treasury to suspend MPs’ salaries over dissolution advice

By Susan Njire

Law Society of Kenya LSK president Nelson Havi announced the decision today saying the measure was taken to safe-guard public resources in the event that president does not dissolve Parliament within 21 days.

“Mindful of the impunity that have been perpetuated by Parliament and the speakers of the National Assembly and the Senate,we have written to the cabinet secretary in charge of the National Treasury to cease the remittance of salaries and allowances to members of the National Assembly and senators of the 12th Parliament with effect from October 12. Man shall not eat what he has not laboured for.” He said.

Parliamentary service commission PSC whose chair is National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi already gave an assurance that the 419 legislators will continue receiving their salaries until their term of office expires after the 2022 general elections.

Havi said the LSK also petitioned the independent electoral and boundaries commission stating that Parliament shall not conduct lawful business beyond the said timeline. The lawyers lobby group also asked inspector general of police Hillary Mutymbai to withdraw security officers attached to the members of Parliament.

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