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Man Rejected Daughter For What Others Die To Get

By Edeh Chinaza

The saying that one man food is another man’s poison is a shared truth which is buttressed in the events taking place in our societies today. The said adage could be seen in the storyline of a little beautifully crafted girl found homeless in Ilorin State because she was blessed by nature.

Kaosara, an 8 years old girl, is an indigene of Ilorin State with a junior sister, Hassanat (kehinde). Recently her photographs were shared on social media platforms stating how she was made homeless by her biological father, because she posses a special quality( blue eyes).

Kaosara’s mother, Mrs. Risiqot was also said to have possessed same quality though not as evident as her child’s own. Blue eyes is one special feature that most ladies kill themselves to get, spending valuable amount of money just to fix it artificially. Others who are opportune to have it by nature are often seen as special creatures.

Meanwhile, the Californians are one of the species in the globe that are blessed with this gift while in Nigeria, just as our forefathers rejected twins in the olden days, records have shown that until today illiterate fathers in this 21st century also reject children with the gift of blue eyes.

What more could be said, that in this current time and level of development, man rejected his own blood daughter and made her homeless because they posses an enviable gift. Does such man deserve to be called a 21st century being or is the gift of nature now a curse?

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