Man succumbs after being stabbed by his wife

By Susan Njire .

Until his demise he was a phone technician and seller of electronic accessories. According to the neighbors they hooked up about five months ago and decided to settle together. The soft spoken guy may not have had enough time to know the woman well.

According to our information sources 25 years old Mwago Muigai was murdered by his 23 year-old wife last night. Neighbors have always witnessed Mwago and his wife fight everyday.Previously when they fought neighbors would run to the rescue of the man who consequently ended up brutally beaten. The wife had been always been pledging to kill Mwago even after consonance for them to stop fighting from the neighbors.

Last night hell broke loose and they fought a deadly fight. She deliberately stabbed him on the neck and the young man succumbed to death due to excessive bleeding.However family disputes have been witnessed typically in all married people. There is always a burning issue when lovers are involved in a public fight.

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