MC Oluomo, Others; The Business Luminaries of Motor Parks in Nigeria

By Yusuf Akinloye Akintunde

The recent inclusion of some motor parks luminaries into the federal government 774,000 special work committee has sparked some spirits in questioning the veracity or the intuition of the federal government to have those motor parks business luminaries into the federal appointment. Of course, they are Nigerian and entitled to Nigerian resources. But how are we going to explain for the coming generation that, motor parks luminaries are in charge of apportioning first class and other class of honors into federal government job. It is sad.

Even though some of them have greater value for education, but their little or no education or none of it at all only speaks volume of their limitations in a capacity tools for brandish in the face of young children whose minds the society should mould along their right path. Of course, Musiliu Akinsanya (MC Oluomo) has shown his desire and greater value to education, for he never have the opportunities to have it but he never failed to ensure that, his children have the best of it. He make sure that, his children never set eyes on the motor parks or vying to be another luminaries of the parks.

Maybe something is wrong with the leadership failure of the Nigeria system. We have failed to appreciate or even understand that, political actions that glorify vices would eventually breed chaos of immorality and decadence of the system. Indeed, if valour, and rising above poor background into prominence were the virtues to preach that Mr. Akinsanya Musiliu (Oluomo) and his co-luminaries would be an apt candidates to put forward as role model. They have amassed several wealth in a way many never understand.

In the context of appointing Musiliu Akinsanya (MC Oluomo) and some other across the states of the federation into the committee doling out jobs to unemployed youths, such appointment is nothing but a gaffe, an error of commission to slap the face of many educated young Nigerians. It must not allow to repeat itself, it is a wrong signal for the future of Nigerian youths. Many youths may be indirectly persuaded to drop out of schools and embrace motor parks fancies, that, if the likes of MC Oluomo could by such life rise into prominence and prosperity, they too could.

In validation, Musiliu Akinsanya and his likes are businessmen who have succeeded in sending their wards to foreign countries to acquire education. Then question of whether youths are fool or not is what we should be thinking of, that, their parks lords are not having their children schooling in Nigeria but far away USA and UK. Truly, the politicians need pawn to carry out their operations and the motor parks luminaries provided them ‘the boys’. Thus, the Nigeria system have two major problem; inefficiency and corruption. Everyone is just taking the advantage of the institutional failures. The Progressive

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