Misred shares some of the low blows she’s faced in her career

By Tatenda Marwodzi

Radio personality Samantha Musa popularly known as Misred, sat down with Pink and Purple TV to share some behind the scenes not-so-great moments of her career. She did so over a very candid interview with the very talented host Thembie Phiedarh who did a good job of asking the hard questions.

Named as one of the most influential women in Zimbabwe, Misred has built a very successful career in the entertainment industry. She hosts a drive time show on ZiFm radio and has presented for a number of TV shows. Be that as it may, she admits that the road isn’t always rosy. At the beginning of her radio career, Misred reveals that she “was depressed for a very long time” because she was constantly compared to her predecessor, Tintin who left the radio station after some controversy.

“Tintin was such an amazing personality. She was big and everyone was raving about her,” she said describing why filling in those shoes made her depressed. “But I had to be myself,” she added. Misred also touched on the constant gender inequality she has faced in the entertainment industry. “It’s hard being a black woman even in your own industry. People take advantage of you, they don’t want to give you your value,” she said. Misred has had to constantly explain herself in certain situations where the public would be more forgiving to male entertainers.

One of the areas she has often received unfair criticism is on social media. The amount of backlash she receives when she excises her freedom of expression is insurmountable. “I cried the first few days because of the things that were being said. But after a while I got over it.” She has had to console herself by realising that some of the cyber bullying comes from a place of ignorance. Instead of retaliating to the hate, she chooses to educate and spread positivity. In her closing remarks she urged everyone to be “very intentional” in what they do and if consistent your hard work will be rewarded.

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