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Miss SA Applicant’s Racist Tweets Resurface

By Nthabiseng Sekonyela

6 years down the line and tweets that were posted by Bianca Schoombee when she was 14 years old are back to taint her reputation.Bianca is an applicant and potential candidate for Miss SA 2020, however, her tweets from 6 years ago might just be the reason why,she may not make it to the next stage of the competition.

When Bianca was 14 years old she tweeted using the “N” word repeatedly as well as referring to complexion stereotypes on an African boys picture, saying that the boy is so “black” they had to use a white background for his picture. On her old twitter profile she also engages in online Twars (twitter wars) where she is body shaming,calling fat people ugly and using vulgar language.

The profile has been reported and deleted but of course people have screenshots of her 2014 posts. She has released an apology statement saying she was a different person then and that she has grown for the better and forgiven herself for her past. She says she is profusely apologetic and hopes that she is forgiven one day.She also says that she prays about it everyday.

Miss SA CEO Stephanie Well released a statement stating that part of the Miss SA Campaign is to select candidates that do not engage in racist,violent or unethical acts throughout society and that a thorough background check is conducted upon selection of successful candidates.

Stephanie concluded by reminding the nation that the selection process begun on the 18th of May and that an official announcement of successful candidates will be brought forward on the 31st of May 2020. Bianca deactivated her twitter account and has been trending number 1 since midnight the 20th of May 2020 until Midday on SA twitter under the following hashtag: #Biancamustfall. 

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