Mnangagwa urges Malawi to respect ConCourt ruling

By Tatanda Marwodzi

An overwhelming string of vote rigging evidence in Malawi means there is so far no presidential winner. More than 8 months after Malawians took to the ballot to vote for their next president, the constitutional court has nullified the election results that had announced Peter Mutharika as the new president.

In a 500 page ruling, the judiciary cited the use of unauthorized correctional fluid to alter figures while some forms lacked verification signatures.

The evidence was too overwhelming to ignore. “The position of this court is that the widespread use of Tippex greatly undermined the integrity of the election,” said Judge Potani who resided over the case.

The ruling has brought about responses from the SADC community with many applauding Malawi’s judiciary system for delivering justice.

President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa released a statement urging the people of Malawi to respect the ruling. “I urge all stakeholders in Malawi to respect the judgement of the constitutional court on the election petition challenging the May 21 2019 election results.”

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa also aired his admiration for a judicial system that actually works after his own petition to nullify the Zimbabwe 2018 election results was denied.

“SADC & AU are urged to draw key lessons from events in Malawi not to rush to endorse sham elections where people have legitimate concerns over processes. SADC and the AU as institutions of resort deserve a renewal and re-orientation to defend African people’s interests,” Chamisa tweeted.

The people of Malawi await a new re-election date which will be set within the next 150 days.

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