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Mr SA pageant receives backlash for poor selection

By Tatenda Marwodzi

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After hours of releasing this year’s top 10, the Mr SA pageant has received backlash for what many have dubbed as “selection standards beneath the floor”.

Mr SA has been accused for constantly relaxing their selection requirements from permitting tattoos, to allowing men with children to compete.

“I’ll never get over how the requirements for Miss SA include not having tattoos, children, and more but the requirements for Mr SA are that you should be a man,” commented writer Mpho Moaledi.

The pageant has also been accused of poor quality photography and generally less attractive males. “I think it’s high time Mr SA was scrapped to be honest. I feel like the bar is really low compared to Miss SA,” added one twitter user.

To their defense, the Mr SA pageant team have said “Gone are the days of traditional pageantry. Now we don’t look for a male model, we are looking for a real-life everyday Hero. We pride ourselves on being fair, all inclusive brand and competition.”

So there you go SA, Mr SA isn’t about looks but about character!

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