Mr Scindia Resignation – A damage for Congress or not?

By Rehan Rajput

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One of the Most Popular & Charismatic leaders of India Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia (Son of Late. Madhavrao Scindia) a veteran INC leader belongs to a Royal household of Gwalior with an approx. assets of 40,000 Crores. He is known for his Majestic lifestyle & his Royal political family as Vasundhara Raje an ex-chief minister along with Yasodhara Raje are renowned BJP leader. Mr Scindia consistently held Member of Parliament position since 2004 till the last year Lok Sabha Election. He has been a member of Congress party for the last 18 years but an uneasiness erupts in his relationship with the party in 2018 Assembly election where Party awarded the Chief Minister position to Mr Kamalnath. Even, Mr Scindia with his cadre could not secure the MPCC Chief position which stretched his conflicts further with Party. Thereafter, he lost his parliamentary seat – Guna to BJP candidate in last year Lok Sabha election that landed Mr Scindia out of power for the first time.

            At last, Mr Scindia resigned with 20 Congress MLA’s including 6 ministers on Tuesday evening. Governor Lalji Tandon & Assembly speakers have received their resignations which leaves M.P’s Kamalnath government with short of a majority in the house. He has expressed his dissent in the resignation letter to Party Chief Mrs Sonia Gandhi as he mentioned – “it’s a time to move on…and the path of this decision draws over the last year”. This is an allusion towards not getting CM or PCC chief post. Also, this is an indication towards the Vivid talks of Rajya Sabha nominations from Madhya Pradesh Congress where he is on second priority after Digvijay Singh. Thus, it is evident to say Mr Scindia has quit Congress for the Recognition & Power only but will he certainly get the same in BJP, if yes then how long?

            Apparently, this seems to be a planned incident as Mr Shivraj Singh Chauhan admitted to having many meeting with Mr Scindia so far. Also, other senior BJP leaders such as Union minister Narendra Singh Tomar has been in contact with Scindia. On the other hand, there were no active steps taken by the Congress Top Brass to avoid this damage. Though Mr Scindia could have stayed with the PCC chief post or a confirmed Rajya Sabha seat, But no such steady efforts were made by the Congress leadership. This stagnant behaviour of Congress leadership shows somewhere they already knew this is going to happen & they were prepared about the same. This is why CM Kamalnath responded to media over Scindia’s threat to take to the streets if the Madhya Pradesh government fails to fulfil its promise to waive off the farm loans “to utar jayein (do it)”.

            Unambiguously, Scindia’s exit is a big loss for Congress in a short term but this would not hamper Congress in the long run. Scrupulously, this is better for any party to let go such members who do not align with Party line or over demanded. Scindia does not even relate with party ideological measures as we saw him deviating from party stand & ideology over the abrogation of 370 Article by supporting it. Hereby, he aligns with BJP ideology that has also been a factor to land in this group. Congress has to fix its Leadership crisis & needs to be more vigilant to avoid such damages in future. Congress has to introspect its Congress working committee (CWC) and all wings to expel the traitors before they betray.

            It would be an injustice to only put an Onus over Congress Top Brass & solely hold them accountable for this damage. Eventually, this was pre-planned to such an extent & even Congress leaders observed the same.

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