Mr Trump visit – What India is likely to gain and lose?

By Rehan Rajput

India is brewing for Mr President visit for India on 24th February. The Milieu in Ahmedabad, Agra & Delhi is all set to welcome the President of World’s most powerful nation. India – American or Indo – U.S relation has been a “Sweat & Sour” since last few years. The recent Indo – U.S tensions unfolded over India’s $5.43 Billion defence deal for the procurement of S – 400 Triumf Air defence system from Russia. This was the time when the U.S threatened to impose sanctions against India. This had put India under onus to not go ahead with S -400 delivery from Russia. Thereafter, Indo – U.S tensions could cover-up during the 2+2 talks in New Delhi with U.S State Secretary of Defense & Secretary of State in 2018. Later, PM Narendra Modi also had talks with President Donald Trump during G7 Submit at Biarritz in Sep 2019.

India aims this visit to be historic in economical & diplomatic both ways as India look forward a great Trade deal along with a pre-planned defence deal with U.S. India has always been one of the biggest defence importers to the United States but India is going to ink a great defence deal with U.S worth over $7 Billion approx. this time. This deal emphasis to robust India’s Air force & military powers. It will fulfil the need of an hour for India’s Air & Naval forces as this supposed to include – Pro Sea Guardian Armed drones and P- 81 anti-submarine warfare & Surveillance aircraft system, which is going to boost India’s military power to the next level.

President Donald Trump is supposed to arrive in India with first lady Millennia Trump at Ahmedabad Airport where he is going to start his 34 hours packed schedule. “Namaste India” a grand event would be waiting to welcome Mr President at Ahmedabad’s Motera Stadium followed by a 22 km Roadshow where millions of Indians would welcome Mr President. After the event, Mr President would rush to see the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra & would reach New Delhi next morning to get Ceremonial welcome at Rashtrapati Bhawan (President Palace). After this, Mr Trump would go to Rajghat. Thus, 24 hours out of 34 hours visit of Mr Trump would be a majestic picnic trip in India.

There is an uneasiness across the nation over expenditures for Mr President visit. Trump’s “Namaste India” event is likely to go beyond 120 crores. Though, India is excessively playing their cards whether it is about this upcoming visit or the last “Howdy Modi” event in Houston which cost 1.4 lakh crore approx. But, Is India getting worth in return from the U.S? There’s an allusion of no Trade deal from the U.S as Mr President has already indicated to ink trade deal with India later on, instead of during this visit. Also, Mr Trump recently released a statement where he alleged “U.S not treated well by India but I like PM Modi”.

Needless to say, PM Modi should somehow manage to ink a good Trade deal with the U.S during this visit as India is really in need of such a big economic boost. Along with, India should focus more on the requisition “for some relief in U.S visa rules for Indian professionals & lower Indian Tariffs” to the United States.

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