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Netflix’s Emily In Paris : Cliché but binge worthy

By Tatenda Marwodzi

Ever loved watching something so much that you hated yourself for it? Well, Netfix’s Emily In Paris will leave you feeling that way. Forget that The Sunday Morning Herald called it “cliched and annoying,” and forget that you’re a middle-aged individual with a lot of better things to do! You’ll find yourself – 5 hours later- down a rabbit hole binge-watching the series.

Set in the most romantic city in the world, Emily in Paris is about a 20-something American girl who is sent to Paris on a work assignment. She’s never travelled before, does not know anyone in France and worst of all-she can’t speak French. Recipe for disaster!”I feel like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge,” she says when she arrives in Paris, opening the windows to her rundown apartment overlooking the magnificent city.

It’s everything she’s read about and seen in movies- perfect! How sweet and naive. When she goes to the french office for the first time she doesnt receive the warm welcome she expected. Her boss is rude, wants to get rid of her and everyone else at the office thinks she is just another American girl lost in Paris. It is at this point that you realise you want to vouch for Emily and want her to succeed against all odds. You decide to watch episode 2….episode 3….episode 4….and the rest is history. After a whole 10 episodes, Emily in Paris will leave you hanging and wanting to watch more. Forgive yourself and when season 2 comes out i promise you’ll watch it unapologetically

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