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New official name for Wuhan coronavirus.

The National health commission of China has come up with a new temporary name at news conference on Saturday for the corona virus that originated in Wuhan central china. The virus would temporarily be named Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia- NCP

The locals in Wuhan raised concern since the virus was only known by the name of the city which they found frustrating and stigmatizing.

The global death toll from the NCP is at least 810 in mainland China which include one American citizen who died at Jinyintian Hospital in Wuhan China. Two more deaths were recorded outside the country one in Philippines and another in Hong Kong. NCP virus is transmitted at a higher rate than SARS. In a period of 15 days the number of confirmed NCP infected people rose from 1000 to 37,000

The NCP global death toll surpasses 2003 SARS epidemic which killed 774 people. Both SARS and NCP started in China and are believed to have originated from wild animal markets.

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