Newly Elected Ohanaeze President Lists The Priorities Of Ndigbo

By Ugbede Usman

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Prof. George Obiozor, the newly-elected President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo has said that security, education and economic growth would be his focus for Ndigbo.

Obiozor who was a former Nigerian ambassador to the United States of America and Israel, and also the country’s high commissioner to Cyprus, revealed that even though the Igbos are not in fight with any part of the country, they have become vulnerable in most crises across the nation.

He said a solution must be proffered to the frequent attacks on the Igbo people, adding that the leadership of the Ndigbo must go beyond trivial activities such as make-belive, rhetoric propaganda and shadow boxing and that the interest of the Igbo nation must be paramour against selfish interests.

The former Director General of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) in a world press conference held in Enugu said, “The most urgent and imperative need of Ndigbo today is security. The security of Ndigbo in Nigeria and beyond has become a compelling primary responsibility and of serious concern for Ndigbo. At home in Nigeria the story of insecurity of Ndigbo has reached incrementally dangerous level of existential threat.

“Ndigbo are indeed in terms of security, the most vulnerable and victims of violence throughout Nigeria. They are the most exposed to physical violence, attack and destruction of their houses or properties at the slightest crisis in any part of Nigeria.

“ In fact, this ‘victim syndrome’, vulnerability and insecurity has gone beyond our shores, in Ghana, South Africa etc. There must be a solution to security problems of Ndigbo at home and abroad.

“There are ways of doing this and there are certainly Ndigbo who are capable of either helping to ‘contain’ the propensity towards violence against Ndigbo or persuading the appropriate authorities to do so. In matters of this nature, knowledgeable leadership is ‘’sine qua non’’-a necessity.

“However, this too has had mixed response of praise, jealousy and envy. And also, the economic success associated with Ndigbo has always been individual achievements and successes.

“Hopefully, this is a new era of prosperity for Ndigbo as collective efforts are on to start with the laudable initiative of Ohanaeze Ndigbo , in terms of the Alaigbo Stabilisation Fund. This is definitely going to enhance and promote the ‘’Aku Ruo Ulo’’ dictum currently also promoted by Ohanaeze Ndigbo and other stakeholders.

“We must take the idea of building up the economic and industrial base of Alaigbo as a priority. Indeed, in general analysis, Ndigbo has in comparison to other parts of Nigeria had successful economic managers and entrepreneurs.

“Thus, we must encourage, support and advance the course of domestic and foreign investment in Igboland. We will and we must always be happy to know that what others deny us we can do for ourselves.”

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