Nigerians knocks Fani-Kayode over support for Trump’s reelection

By Oluwaseun Sonde

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Nigerians has knocked the former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode over his support for the reelection of American President, Donald Trump while described the opposition, Democratic Candidate, Joe Biden as evil who supports abortion, the same sex and persecution of Israel.

The former Aviation Minister took to his Twitter handle @realFFK on Saturday to shower his support for President, Trump for reelection over the ongoing Presidential race, Fani-Kayode said even if Biden makes the magic 270 electoral college votes and people call him the “President-elect” it will still be challenged in court.

According to him, “Biden represents evil to me for the following three reasons, 1. He believes in abortion. 2. He believes in same-sex marriage. 3. He seeks to persecute Israel. Love him all you like but I choose to despise him because I consider these three things to be evil, ungodly and against core Christian values.

“Cheer him on and clap for him as much as you choose but I still do not believe that he will ever be sworn in as President, his so-called “victory” will remain subject to the ruling of the Supreme Court and conditional upon its final decision.

“Until that ruling, decision has been made and announced I would suggest that those who are already dancing in the streets and celebrating Biden’s so-called victory should calm down, have a reality check, smell the coffee, get a grip of themselves and keep the champagne in the fridge.

“This matter is not over and we still have a long way to go. It is not just a fight for the heart and soul of America but also the destiny of the world. It concerns us ALL and affects us ALL even though we are not Americans”, he said.

He thanked God for His grace, mercy, power and for imbuing Donald Trump with faith, courage and strength. “These virtues will serve him well in the next few days, weeks and months. In the end he will be vindicated and Trump will prevail and those behind this evil conspiracy will know that we serve a mighty God who rules in the affairs of men”.

Meanwhile, some Nigerians has commented on his tweets, @Rachymommapride said, “You are talking about abortions, sexual stuff. Mr man even though they are not legalized in Nigeria. Do you know how many Nigerians went for abortions daily because they are hise their own on the religious obligation till their heart is wicked”.

@meezy-ii said, “Sir, you’re enlightened fellow and sometimes I wonder why you reason the way you do. You hated Buhari and love Trump is that supposed to happen? Kuku end ur thread here. No Supreme Court in America will restore Trump presidency”.

@Rex_ licious said, “It’s so painful Americans did not learn from Nigeria situation,  that’s how some gullible people cried for “Sai baba” 2015, now see were we are today!!!! We are stuck with the no-conscience old man”.

Also, @lara_classic said, “Daddy we have too much Corruption in our country already to concern ourselves with whether another country’s election was free and fair. if you can use so much energy to speak up for another country what then stops you from speaking up in your own country”.

Moreso, @AEborunwo said, “You shared three reasons why you do not support him: Abortion, same sex marriage and recognition of Israel. On the issue of same sex marriage, did Trump not seek for LGBQT votes? He did and evidence abound that he did all possible to get their support and vote.

“But the president’s campaign is also targeting LGBTQ voters, hoping to attract their electoral support. The campaign has named Richard Grenell, Trump’s former acting director of national intelligence, as senior adviser for this purpose. In addition, the Log Cabin Republicans.

“The gays and lesbians is an experience that has come to stay in the world. Kill the pretence the homosexual act has been in African for years and century. Growing up as students we hear the Igbo word “supee”. What is suppe? can anyone explain the word for me? We pretend too much”.

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