Njoro takes a break from social media.

By Susan Njire

Former Churchill show comedian George Maina Njoroge alias Njoro who has been battling depression has revealed that he is taking a break from social media. According to a message posted on his Instagram page, Njoro is taking a three-month break as he goes for rehabilitation to overcome his mental health issues.

He wrote “Guys I will be away for some time for treatment because my engine (brain) is not okay.No matter how good a car is, without engine hakuna gari.I will be offline but I will be coming on Instagram live every Saturday at 8:00pm to update you on how I’m doing with the treatment.”

The comedian has been battling depression since last year but he only opened up last month to his colleague Zainabu Zeddy and revealed that he had attempted to take his life on More than one occasion.

“Its about time………in weeks which turned into months, I have been fighting or rather kung’ang’ana na depression. It’s real guys,it kills you inside and without you knowing you lose yourself, the people you love,, friends and so many other things. It makes you become very useless and life lacks meaning.” He added.

The comedian who is famous for his Churchill show skits is however optimistic that he will beat the condition.He expressed gratitude to Zainabu Zeddy who is the only comedian who rushed to his aid and visited him months after he was forced to move back to his parents house in Nakuru. He however appeals for financial support and prayers.

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