NOA Sets To Partner Rotary Club On Peace, Community Service, Others

By Yusuf Akinloye Akintunde

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NOA Sets To Partner, Collaborate With Ibadan-Oritamefa Rotary Club On Peace, Community Service, Others

The Ibadan-Oritamefa Rotary Club International while on a courtesy visit to the Oyo State Chapter of the National Orientation Agency (NOA) in her office in Ibadan, has sets to work in partnership and collaboration with the agency on Peace and Tranquility in the state.

The visitation which was led by the club President, Rot. Dr. Felix Odusanya thanks the agency for accepting their invitation and explained the core value that the international organization stand for.

The President added that; “Rotary is an international organization that is working to open opportunities for the entire humanity. And that, it is an organization aiming to foster unity coexistence in society”

“Rotarians are rich in heart, and spreading the richness to the general society in areas that matters to each respective society. That, in the face of limited resources in our society, the organization have been able to ably utilize their limited resources in touching the heart of many people in the society.”

“The Rotary Club of Ibadan-Oritamefa is here to collaborate with NOA on public education, enlightenment and peace advocacy to challenge the risen state of insecurities in Ibadan and Oyo State at large.”

“Security issues are what affect all, and there is need to work together and bringing an end to the state of insecurity in the state.”

“There is need to notably stated that, February month is a dedicated month for Peace and Harmony in Rotary Club international, and more reason why the partnership was timely and in order.”

While responding to the presentation of the president, the Oyo State Director of National Orientation Agency (NOA), Mr. Moshood Olaleye, eulogize the visitation of the Ibadan-Oritamefa Rotary Club, and very happy that, they are indicating interest to collaborate with NOA in tackling the risen insecurities in the state.
Olaleye added that; “the need to find solution to the arson and violence on the run in the state is very important.”

“Ibadan is becoming a hub of violence where robbers will burn down shops after looting them as a cover up, and there is need to call for total action against this barbaric act that has been in extinction in the state in the past before resurfacing again now.”

“To that effect, NOA will be willing to partner with patriotic citizens and organization like Ibadan-Oritamefa to join hands and fight this menace taking off our society peace.”

“Restoration of peace and tranquility is sacrosanct. And NOA has set up activities towards sensitizing and enlightening the general society on the need to embrace peace and jointly put hand together to fix out suspected criminals terrorizing our society.”He added.

The NOA State Director concluded by stating that; “the need for more patriotic organization like the rotary club international will be appreciated by the agency.”

Rotarian Adeniyi Adeoti also highlights some of the activities of the organization so far and their passion to do more of the humanitarian services.

At the meeting between the agency, NOA, and Ibadan Oritamefa Rotary Club are: Rotarians; Yemi Olawale, Segun Shotiloye, Matthew Oginni, Lanre Idowu, Jegede Oladele, Abosede Florence, Felippa Okereke and Adeleke.

Also at the meeting are; NOA Deputy State Director; Mrs. Ayoola, Asst. Dir. (Admin); Mr. Odedokun, Head of Program; Dr. Kemi Afolayan, Asst. Dir. (PRS) Mr. Akanbi, Asst. Dir. (Project) Mr. Olatunji and Mr. Adegbayi (Auditor).

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