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Olumo Rock natural fortress during inter tribal warfare

By Oluwaseun Sonde

As history of Nigeria can be traced to prehistoric settlers (Nigerians) living in the area as early as 1100 BC. Numerous ancient African civilizations settled in the region that is today Nigeria, such as the Kingdom of Nri, the Benin Empire, and the Oyo Empire.

Islam reached Nigeria through the Borno Empire between (1068 BC) and Hausa States around (1385 AD) during the 11th century, while Christianity came to Nigeria in the 15th century through Augustinian and Capuchin monks from Portugal .

The Songhai Empire also occupied part of the region. Ogun State is a state in southwestern Nigeria, created in 1976, it borders Lagos State to the south, Oyo and Osun states to the north, Ondo to the east and the Republic of Benin to the west. Abeokuta is the capital and largest city in the state. The state’s appellation is “Gateway to Nigeria”. It was created in February 1976 from the former Western State. The census recorded a population of over  3 millions residents.

History: While Olumo rock is a mountain in south-western, in the ancient city of Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria and was historically used as a natural fortress during inter-tribal warfare in the 19th century. Its patron spirit is venerated in the Yoruba religion as an orisha. Olumo Rock is annually celebrated with lots of sacrifices.

Olumo rock is a popular tourist attraction. History has it that it provided protection to the people of Abeokuta known as “Egba people” when theyWhat is the best time to visit needed it, and is now held in high esteem by the members of the clan. The mountain, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria, sits in the heart of Abeokuta, a name which means “Under the rock” in the Yoruba language, it has a height of 137 metres above sea level.

Abeokuta was originally inhabited by the Egbas, who the rock provided with sanctuary and gave a vantage point to monitor the enemy’s advance, leading to eventual triumph in wWhat is the best time to visit ar.

The town of Abeokuta eventually grew as these new settlers spread out from this location. At Olumo Rock, you would be treated to attractions like natural tunnels, unusual trees, natural cantilevers, gardens on the rock, broken pathways, monuments of the belief system of the rock’s primeval settlers, three escalators at the characteristic height of the rock as well as an aerial and atmospheric view of the antique city of Abeokuta, from the apex of the rock.

You don’t want to miss these attractions, do you? What is the best time to visit Olumo rock ? The month of March is always a great time to pay a visit to the Olumo Rock, as it is the dry season around the environment of the Rock. Visiting Olumo Rock in March would also afford you the opportunity of enjoying the razzmatazz of the Lisabi and Olumo Festivals, which both climax at the Olumo Rock.

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  1. Kudos to the writer, you’ve done a good job. Olumo rock is indeed a cultural heritage of the egbas!…..Lisabi a gbe wa o!

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