Opinion: How To Rearrest The Escaped Akinyele Notorious Killer

By Yusuf Akinloye Akintunde

While many people will not agree less that, the inefficiency of the Nigeria police in handling a critical matter of security needs a serious check. It is still a little bit confuse that, Sunday Shodipe, a suspected kidnapper arrested in connection with the many killings in Akinyele area of Oyo State, could flee off the police custody without any sign of internal conspiracy. But what was he doing at the police custody without trial for weeks that his arrest have been confirmed by the force headquarters? What is really happening with the Nigeria security system?

It is then very imperative that, the suspected notorious killer should be rearrested and prosecuted as a matter of urgency. But who knows where he has flee to? Thus, the following process should be followed to effects his arrest again;

1. The Akinyele as a whole should petition the government, Commissioner of Police, Inspector General of Police, Police Service Commission, and the presidency;

2. Removal of the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) and downgraded his rank

3. All officers on duty should be downgraded from the highest rank they might be holding down to a Constable officer;

4. All the officers should be reporting to Eleyele, Oyo State force headquarters until further notice;

5. Suspension of their salaries for 5 months; and

6. Make them supply the intelligent information about the escaped suspect.

It is very certain that, the police will be in real action and find out the whereabouts of the runaway suspect, and vomit the bad egg they have swallowed.

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