Opinion: Is Edo Election Making Buhari A Committed Democrat

By Yusuf Akinloye Akintunde

The recent governorship election having the incumbent Godwin Obaseki reelected as the governor of Edo State is sending many meanings to the global community on who the President Muhammad Buhari is. For the main fact of the scenes of the pre-election, election proper and just post-election, President Muhammad Buhari is showing a committed spirit of democrat, and someone who has demonstrated beyond any doubt that, electoral affairs are not doing or die.

While giving a thumb up for the president, there is need to justify the thumb up accorded to him after the Edo election. For him applauding the smooth electioneering process in the state, it shows that; He is turning a new leaf to democratic principle. Nigeria has not had it so good that a civilian president will be applauding the electoral umpire for a job well done in an election that his party lost.

Even though we have always known that, the electoral umpire, INEC, in Nigeria are mostly found to always be in tandem with the ruling party in any conducted election. The ruling party is always in charge of dictating the tune of the process. But still, there is need to raise the bar of democratic principle and serve the president right the earned applause.

Maybe we should add that, an effective leader most times do not have anything to do other than giving the necessary cover for those who make things happen. INEC was able to earn the recent credit and respect because of the cover they have from the President Muhammad Buhari to do the right things as regards the election. No special authority gives any directive anywhere.

One reason why many still have some to be Buharist is nothing than him becoming a new brand. He has silenced Lai Mohammed from telling the tales of the moons that will soiled the new brand he is making. And many other people that were disappointed from the rebranding mode of the president. Mr. President is truly in charge as against the general notion that he is far from the government. His deceptive exterior mien are just there to deceive many, but Muhammad Buhari is fully in charge.

Yes, an average Nigerian is not erudite enough to understand what matter most in leading human beings and ruling a country such as Nigeria, we all just want him to be a God like.

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