Opinion: Mr Governor, Ibadan Is Dirty; Do Something

By Yusuf Akinloye Akintunde

Few days back, we raised serious concerns about the whole city of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, being as dirty as a dump site. Some of the Governor’s uncommissioned online defenders came, as usual, to put up their lame and unreasonable defences for the State Government. Funnily, Seyi Makinde is known for one thing: he knows how to disappoint his core supporters and defenders. Defending the Governor’s insensitivity towards the plight of the people is a great disservice to the State. If Ibadan becomes clean, it benefits all and sundry, not the critics alone.

No denigration. Many of us know Ibadan very well. We know how dirty Ibadan is, presently. Go to Ojoo, Iwo Road, Mokola, Bodija, Akobo, Molete and see how heaps of dirt are gradually taking over the roads and streets. Should we now keep quiet because we don’t want the Governor to be angry? Or we should fold our hands till epidemic strikes? We cannot all key into the ongoing conspiracy of silence among some elites in the State. The bitter and unpalatable fact is that Ibadan has never been as dirty as this in the past few years. Check the medians of many major roads in the State, they are filled with tonnes of dirt. During Seyi Makinde administration, Ibadan is fast becoming the dirt capital of Nigeria.

We have been to other capital cities of the country. We can say it, without mincing words, that they are not as dirty as ours. If this is the case, how do they expect us to keep silent? Or you expect us to applaud the Governor for doing nothing on the plights of the masses? According to claims of the State Government, a whopping sum of 37 million naira is being expended to clear the streets of refuse monthly. This huge amount has no corresponding evidence of impacts on the City. We then begin to ponder on what, exactly, are the duties of the Oyo State Waste Management Agency. Do we still have them functioning?

Thus, we came to know of the ‘existence’ of this Agency yesterday when many of us heard the Governor had sacked the Management Board of the Agency. This is another wrong step in the wrong direction. Sacking the management of OYOWMA is not the right step. We can see it as another political and escapist gimmick aimed at covering the inefficiency of the Governor. What OYOWMA needs at the moment is provision of adequate equipment and personnels for effective execution of their statutory responsibilities, not sacking. An Agency deprived of adequate funding cannot function efficiently and optimally.

There is no feasible synergy between the Agency and the supervising Ministry (Ministry of Environment). The new Commissioner needs to up his game and bring all stakeholders on board. Sacking is not the right the right. So, Adejare Ibrahim has join the campaign saying, Mr Governor, Ibadan is dirty. Adejare Ibrahim writes from Oyo

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