Oyo Police Squadron: Will Alaafin forgive Makinde

By Yusuf Akinloye Akintunde

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In a confusing manner, and an open desecration of the highly referred monarch of Oyo Town, The Iku Baba Yeye Alaafin of Oyo Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III, the governor of Oyo State Engr. Seyi Makinde has press probably the wrong button in a bid to have his developmental projects and stepping his foot in the heart of Oke-Ogun axis of the state by secretly sub-changing the Oyo town from what rightly belong to them as an ancient town in Yorubaland.

It should be a matter of necessity to ask ourselves on why Engr. Seyi Makinde softly steps on the toes of not only the good people of Oyo Town but the gentle toe of the ‘Iku Baba Yeye’? But, the Chief of Staff to the government of Makinde was a noble son of Oyo town, and where was he when his soil was been put into mud by the people of Oke-Ogun to act the snatching game and scheme out the Oyo in the game of who host the police mobile squadron.

Why should the question of who host the project even come out that makes Ago-Are of Oke-Ogun to win the debate of hosting the squadron when it was primarily requested for by the Alaafin himself, and which was approved for operation as indicated in some of the letters attached? It is then very obvious that, many political appointees of the present government in Oyo State are not aware of many things that are going on in the government.

The question still remain that, If the whole Alaafin of Oyo can deem it fit and necessary to writes President Muhammad Buhari in requesting for the sitting and location of Police Mobile Squadron Headquarters in Oyo Town, and the President Muhammad Buhari in his capacity through the Inspector General of Police acceded to the request of the first class monarch by approving the establishment of the said units of the police force in the town to further strengthen the security of life and property of Oyo people, and to curbed the risen civil disorder in most of the time in the town, and upon approval of the squadron, why do Gov. Seyi Makinde relocate the said squadron to other zone of the state?

Will Alaafin forgive the governor for that open desecration of his highly referred and respected Office? 

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