Phone password users, see how to save contacts in case of emergency

By Joy Emeh

People these days especially our youths are just so fond of locking their phones using pins, passwords and even fingerprints for various purposes (mostly for privacy reasons).

This phone feature has its advantage but it does also comes with its disadvantages. Imagine that you lost your phone and some one with a good heart picks it up and is seeking means of getting to its owner. A phone that is locked makes it harder to reach to the owner. Or imagine an emergency case of accident or even death. The phone would be an easy way of reaching to the victims family or friends but with a locked phone, that would be more difficult.

The good news here is that there is a way around it. You can still make some of your contacts accessible even while you have your phone locked. This post is to guide you on how to do that.

Step 1

In a locked mode, your phone would normally show “enter password”. Just below it, you will see “emergency” written at the centre. Click on the button and it will bring out another “emergency information”. Click on that button that says “emergency information” twice. This should bring out a page with a pencil icon on the extreme right corner of the phone screen. Click on that pencil icon to edit.

Step 2

Editing here means you should enter the contacts you wish to save in case of emergency. You have the liberty to input as many numbers as you want. It is however advisable to put in the numbers you know can easily be reached and those of close family and friends.

When you do this, the numbers can be called in emergency cases even if your phone is on the locked mode. Accessing the numbers is not hard, whoever needs it will just have to repeat the steps as outlined above.

This is an important information and lots of people don’t know about this. If you have your phone locked using any sort of password, do save some emergency numbers now if you haven’t done that before and kindly share the post so others can do the same. Save a life!

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