Police in Ndhiwa Arrest Man Smuggling Bhang

By Esther Nyambura

A 30-year-old man who has recognized himself as Charles Ouma, a resident of Nyatike constituency Migory County has been arrested in Ndhiwa for smuggling 3 sacks of bhang. Traffic police officers who were on patrol signaled him to stop but the suspect defied the order. Instead, he sped off into the nearby bush and prompted a police chase for a short while.

Confirming the arrest, Ndhiwa Directorate of Criminal Investigations Officer Paul Makonge said that the suspect was in the company of another motorcyclist who was clearing the way for him. “After defying our order to stop, we chased him for a short while and we got hold of him. We then conducted a search and we found that the suspect had packed bhang in 3 sacks”.

“The other rider was riding ahead of the suspect to clear the way by tipping him of any danger. He didn’t notice us because our vehicle was not coloured with the colour of the Kenya Police Service. Unfortunately, the rider who was tipping him managed to escape.” Mr Makonge said.

The bhang is believed to have come from Nyatike and was transported to Rodi Kopany Township in Homa Bay in transit to other major towns within the region. Mr Makonge has blamed the use of illicit drugs for the rising crime activities experienced in the town and has called on leaders to take up the lead in advising the youths to desist from abusing drugs.

He said youths in the region have abdicated their daily economic activities and are deeply engaged in drugs.The suspect has been taken to Ndhiwa police station and is expected to be arraigned in court on Monday.

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