Police officers In trouble for not using guns

By Susan Njire

Police in Kisii found themselves between a rock and a hard surface after one of their own turned violent stabbing his wife several times with the officers being defeated on how best they could handle the fragile situation. Netizens have been angered by the behavior saying they would have disarmed the man by shooting him since a life was in danger.

“ The Man was supposed to be put down by a gun. This is a dangerous criminal that he stabbed the wife while all these men watched helplessly. Such criminals are bound to repeat these mistakes. He will kill this woman in the next episode. You can’t measure your muscles against a woman. You gain nothing by stabbing your wife to prove your manhood. A stupid fool that needs to be locked up.” An angered blogger retorted.

He added,“ The work of the police has changed from protection of life and property to pleasing IPOA, bloggers and the general media”.Others came to the rescue of the police officers saying they could not shoot the man since they were scared of loosing their jobs after the incident claiming that activists are in the neck of police officers. The reason why the man stabbed his wife several times is yet to be known. The man has been arrested while the wife was rushed in a nearby hospital.

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