Politics, Governance And The Failure of Nigerian Government

By Yusuf Akinloye Akintunde

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Noise is counterproductive to action in any society desirable good things.

If we generally watch the US and other powerful states closely, it will be observed that, those who talk too much among them, government, do so only to motivate their people or distract their adversaries, we will hardly hear from those who are actually working.

The natural law was that; you cannot be talking incessantly and work effectively, you need superhuman energy to do that. When the greatest boxer of all time used to chatter, he would get under the skin of the opponent and got them to act in anger to his own advantage. This is why we should always feel sad when people in government just talk, just cry and wail for nothing or for very little gain from people.

For instance, there are many groups in operation in our different phones, and those present there are eminently qualified to build a serious political platform considering the caliber of the people there but it may be that, a foundation member will always stir up controversies, hence, little or nothing is being achieved generally. And the person may be the one throwing his/her hand up in exasperation that the people are not committed, but forgetting that commitment in a group is never about how an individual sees it, collective vision and actions are needed.

Our people say “too much talk cannot fill a basket”. We discuss politics instead of governance. And there is a difference.
On GOVERNANCE, we should discuss processes and policies, how to identify and improve on effective policies and finding a way of making ineffective ones work or discard and replace them. When we are discussing politics, we always disparage, distort the truth, exaggerate falsehood and minimize the truth.

Maybe we should be of the knowing that, politics is about strategies to deceive the masses and get them on one side, it is about winning, it is a game. But once one have won the game, it is no longer time for politics but governance. When on governance, one don’t call someone who proposed an ineffective policy a fool, instead, he/she should be shown why the policy is ineffective and how to tweak it to make it positive, it is about team work, it is not a game individuals win or lose, we fail together or we win together. 

And this is the bane of our society as Adebayo Bakers explained, we play politics when we should be governing, opposition is about helping the party in government not to fail instead of showing the electorates they have made the best choice in electing the ruling party by helping them to succeed. We forget or don’t care that it’s the country that suffers when a ruling party fails. Our people do not have the requisite intelligence and sincerity of purpose to transition from politics to governance, no wonder we are struggling with a 120km road for decades. It is difficult to play politics and work at the same time.

May God give us wisdom.

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