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Priest denies wife’s divorce, secretly married mistress in Nigeria

By Oluwaseun Sonde

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A quote says a great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together, but when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences, this wasn’t the case between Revd Prince Dom’s Odoemena and his legal wife Genevieve Odoemena who suffered violence consistently in the hand of the husband, a Priest to Church of England.

Genevieve Odoemena who narrated this touching story of her life agonizing pain and betrays, said “I met my husband here in the United Kingdom in 2009, when he was a student, and we got married on the 6th of February 2010. Shortly after we got married, my husband’s mother accused me of stopping her son from looking after her.

“I had to explain to her that her son was on Student Visa and the Visa was running out, as a student he had only 20hours to work weekly. Apparently, he was sacked from his jobs because he could not meet up with the time schedule, while his Visa was about two months to expire since he could not renew his Visa.

“But after we got married, because of the love I have for my husband, I used my settlement here in the UK with my mum citizenship to apply for my husband’s spouse Visa and 2 years was granted to him, even after that two year we applied for his citizenship and again with my British citizenship, my husband’s citizenship was granted”.

Genevieve started going through domestic violence while she was five and half months pregnant with their first child. “Everytime he hits me, I  would report him to his mom, his mother would beg me and told me to forgive him as this is part of marriage life. Over the years, the abuse was increasing, showered causes and insults on me.

“My husband would destroy my property whenever he is angry to the extent of involving social services and police but still no changes. My mom had to involve family members because she could not hold it in anymore. My husband would leave me and the kids here in the UK empty handed not providing for me and the kids, instead collected the one with me, spent on himself, sent home to his family and the rest to travel to the United States to see his mistress there”.

Genevieve lamented for ten years of her marriage with Revd Prince, she hasn’t have rest of mind. “After I got the last beating of my life from Prince, I had to run for my life and went to a women’s refuge for help, but while I was there, my husband called me, threatened to kill me if I return home. The agent at the women’s refuge witnessed how he was threatening me, she asked if that was my husband afterwards she called the police and the social services got involved”.

Genevieve stated that since her husband is a priest to the Church of England where priest are not allowed to divorce their wives, her husband’s mother was curious because her son job is on the line, so she went diabolic. “She took my pictures to some diabolical places looking for a way to eliminate me out of the way so that his son can be free to remarry and carry on with his life but unfortunately for them one of the places she went the lady there somehow contacted me a told me my mother inlaw was going around, looking for way to eliminate me.

“My husband abandoned his responsibility, he couldn’t cater for me and the kids, claiming he does not have money whle working as a priest with the Church of England. Instead he goes about telling friends he supports me with £700 every month while I was confronted, I told them he is just lying with evidences to back it up. Revd Prince went about telling people he bought a house for me and had lots of properties here in the UK which is absolutely false.

“I had to get a court order which is called occupational order in order for his name to be remove from the current property that we were joint Tenants. Though, divorce had been filed of which Revd Prince Odoemena is bent on contesting the divorce because he does not want any financial involvement while told the solicitor and the social services that he wants the divorce to wait till March 2021”.

According to Genevieve, “Revd Prince Odoemena told his children that he was going to Sweden for a conference. Only for pictures of his secret marriage surfaced online through his sister’s husband celebrating him. This is the man that always says he doesn’t have money to take care of his responsibilities here in the UK, but has money enough to carry out such an elaborate tradition marriage with his mistress in Nigeria, denying me of my divorce”, she said.

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