Principal secretary Susan Mochache on the spot!

By Susan Njire

The KEMSA multi- billions covid-19 scandal has been on the headlines after some huge amounts of funds had gone lost and could not be accounted for. This led to the suspension of the CEO of KEMSA Jonah Manjari and several others. While appearing before the national assembly health committee, the organisation’s board chairman, Kembi Gitura disclosed that the Authority took orders from the health ministry.

According to Gitura, Susan Mochache gave directions on how to purchase the covid-19 materials. He stated,“ We received a letter from the ministry of health containing a list of where we should procure from, the prices and the quantity. I can vouch on the quality of PPEs we procured.”</div>

The letter in question was addressed to now suspended CEO Jonah where the health PS gave directions on how to go about the procurement. Kenyans have rushed to the defense of the principal secretary in charge of the ministry of health Susan Mochache after details emerged that she had been put on the spot over the lost of funds in the ministry.

Most Kenyans have led malice in the whole process arguing that the scandal was bigger than most Kenyans could see and just like the usual thing within ministries,there has to be one person to be sacrificed.

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