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Ramaphosa To Extend Ban On Cigarette, 5 Other Things That May Happen

By Yusuf Akinloye Akintunde

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The government of President Cyril Ramaphosa may face another row from the South Africans in the coming week following their decision not to relax the ban on cigarette sales and smoking in earnest expected by the South African people.

The Presidency minister, Jackson Mthembu, has retaliate that, the government is not planning to relax any lockdown on cigarette sales and consumption, as the situation has not warranted that development. Even though there is a court case in regards to the cigarette sales which is up against the government side, and which Pretoria Court will be having ruling on before the next meeting of the cabinet slated for the coming Wednesday.

Thus, in the coming week, the following may probably be up as the government moving towards relaxing the lockdown regulations and move to open up the country economy;

1. The tobacco ban may be discussed, and slight hope is up that it will be allowed in some proving, while alcohol sales and consumption nay still be on hold.

2. The government may not as well relaxing the sit-in restrictions placed on restaurants and eateries, but the restaurant owners may be giving more relaxing regulations to ease their business operation.

3. National Coronavirus Command Council may advise the government to open up hotels and B&Bs.

4. The COVID-19 hotspot will further witness a strict regulations that may result to locking them down is smiling at them.

5. The future of the lockdown relaxation will solely be on the assessment report of the scientists, that will lead government decision finally.

As it stand, the country is having 65736 cases of Covid-19 with total death of 1423.

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