Social media abuse remains high on Zimbabwe’s law enforcement agenda

By Almot Maqolo

Abuse of social media and the scourge of fake reportage, which are often motivated by subversive intentions, will remain closely monitored to protect peace and stability in the country, an official said on Friday.

This came out during a media briefing on the general security situation in the country, as well as some issues of concern to the law enforcement agencies.

“Issues which remain high on the law enforcement agenda are violent crime, corruption, abuse of social and other media as well as the scourge of fake reportage,” Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Kazembe Kazembe said.

“Let’s be reminded that the peace we are enjoying did not come by accident as there are some among us, some Trojan Horses, working day and night to try to cause chaos in our nation. They are trying to subvert our economic revival efforts.” 

Kazembe said they are trying to prevent our diplomatic engagement and reengagement efforts. But, he said, they will not succeed in this anti-people agenda of theirs.

“Some have gone over-drive in trying to tarnish the image of our country, which is their own country as well. We have witnessed a number of fake and well-rehearsed abductions,” he said.

“We have also seen a number of people deliberately breaking the law so that they can be arrested and make the headlines, possibly for some reward from somewhere.”

He said: “We want to assure the nation that law enforcement agents are alert and the peace prevailing in the country will be guarded appropriately and jealously.”

The government is seized with securing the return of fugitives, he said, from justice that are scattered in various parts of the globe.

“Zimbabwe is renowned for its fair justice system which will afford all such fugitives the opportunity to return home and clear their names. As law enforcement agencies, our role is to bring suspects to justice, then the normal procedures take effect.

“We urge the suspects to do themselves a favour by voluntarily returning to clear their names if they are innocent,” he added.

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