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South Africans shred news channel eNCA for racist propaganda

By Tatenda Marwodzi

South Africans have shredded news channel eNCA for promoting white supremacist propaganda. This comes after eNCA anchors Xoli Mugambi and Jane Dutton expressed their disapproval of Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s ban on cigarette sales during the lockdown.

“A very public show of force and a reminder of who’s in control,” commented Jane Dutton before her colleague asked, “Why did she do that?” The two continued to express their disapproval of the minister claiming that the public had been duped. Unfortunately for the anchors, the majority of the public turned out to be in support of the cigarette ban. According to South Africans, the views aired on eNCA were meant to promote those of white-owned entities in the cigarette industry that are suffering the effects of the ban. “They are pushing a certain agenda for capitalists, unfortunately, this is killing SA media,” commented Twitter user Ketso.

This is not the first time that the news channel has been called out for bias. The public is outraged that this conundrum persists with many calling for the complete shutdown of the channel. The two anchors have since made a public apology for making the wrong judgement call.

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