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South Africa’s Province, Gauteng, Sets To Kickout Foreign Businesses

By Yusuf Akinloye Akintunde

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Gauteng, a province in South Africa has set to eject many businesses owned by foreigners out of the province in the drafted new Gauteng Township Economic Bill.

In no small way, the proposal have received a wide condemnation as it is a way to reignite the yet to be solved xenophobic crisis in the country political and economic history. Among the top critics of the obnoxious policy of the province is the Democratic Alliance (DA), residents in the area of Alexandra-Gauteng’s main city township and host of other who feels that, the proposed economic policy will fuel the xenophobic crisis again in the country.

It is to be noted that, the controversial and crisis fueling proposal has been on the log for number of years, and the new administration of Gauteng is just making the move to make it a realist policy.

If the Gauteng felt that there is need for them to reduce the number of businesses that can be operated by foreigners, will they also be able to cater for the lapses that will be left by the targeted business owner if they eventually and forcefully leave?

President Cyril Ramaphosa should as a matter of necessity prevailed on the Gauteng government to kindly bow down on that ill-democratic economic policy that do not go in tandem with the global practices.

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