Stop unnecessary distractions or simply silent – Presidency tells PDP

By Oluwaseun Sonde

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu has said that People Democratic Party (PDP) should make the choice of reconnecting with the people and stop the unnecessary distractions, instead of recognizing the efforts of the people led by the government or simply shut their mouth if they have nothing important to say as the nation is more important than politics.

He disclosed this on Tuesday while reacting to PDP statement on dismissal of the important of national broadcast by President Muhammadu Buhari as “disappointing,” he said a speech for which the European Union, through their Ambassador to Nigeria, congratulated the President, describing it as ‘‘a very powerful address to the nation last night.” He said PDP has opposed every single decision taken in the interest of national security by the Buhari administration, but by no means this the first shocker for Nigerians from a party that sees itself as the alternative government.

“The week before, they celebrated a foreign leader who they invited to come and tutor President Muhammadu Buhari, an army General and a successful war commander, on how to fight Boko Haram terrorists. “This is a leader who has transformed the armed forces in the last five years and brought them to a respectable standing among nations. They questioned the bravery of our soldiers and spread false rumors that their preferred foreign leader had routed out insurgents on the Nigerian soil “and freed Nigerian territories and soldiers held captive by terrorists in northern part of Borno State”, he said.

He added that PDP’s corruption and ineptitude allowed Boko Haram to occupy 18 local governments to be captured and millions to relocate. “Nigerians have not forgotten and are waiting for them in 2023. For a political party that led Nigeria for 16 years pursuing wrong policies and strategies that destroyed not only the armed forces but have destroyed the nation and its economy, there won’t be much from them to shock the citizens when they say that they see nothing good in the enormously successful war that the Buhari administration has waged against the Covid-19 global pandemic”.

He emphasized that World Health Organisation (WHO) and the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres have at different times praised Nigeria and commended its anti-Covid war as worthy of emulation. “This is on account of the fact that from the moment of its importation into the country, the government has done a lot of work to strengthen the health sector to stem the spread and defeat the virus. “Government has succeeded in uniting the whole country- its religious and community leaders; business leaders and employee unions; students and civil society and a large number of political parties- with perhaps only the PDP yet to decide to joins a massive and an unprecedented coalition of Nigerians-saying we are all in this together-fighting to defeat the coronavirus”, he said.

He also said of significant interest in this circumstance is the leadership that the governing All Progressives Congress, APC has shown through an ongoing public enlightenment campaign on the rules of hygiene beaming from radio and TV station in many parts of the country. “The PDP won’t do any of these. No, to do this will be disruptive of their campaign of disorganization. They would rather attack the President as he attacks terrorists and coronavirus. They don’t realize that the times have changed and the country has changed. Their leaders continue to show an abysmal lack of understanding of the sentiments of the people”, he said.

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