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Stop using final moments to obstruct bipartisan- Pelosi to Trump

By Oluwaseun Sonde

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The United States Speaker, Nancy Pelosi has warned President Donald Trump to end his eleventh-hour campaign of chaos, and stop using his final moments in office to obstruct bipartisan and bicameral action to protect American military and defend nation’s security.

Pelosi issued this statement on Monday, while the House voted on an overwhelmingly bipartisan basis to override the President’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act.

She said with this bipartisan vote, the House has upheld its sacred Constitutional responsibility to keep America and the people safe.

“The National Defense Authorization Act has been passed on a bipartisan and bicameral manner for sixty years, and it will become law, despite the President’s dangerous sabotage efforts”, she added.

She noted that President’s reckless veto would have denied service members hazard duty pay. “Our families paid family leave, child care, housing improvements and health protections; and our veterans their benefits. 

“It would have senselessly deprived our allies and country of key protections for global peace and security including for cyber-security, following a massive attack on our country.

“And it would have undermined our nation’s values and work to combat racism, by blocking overwhelmingly bipartisan action to rename military bases and infrastructure after officials who served in the Confederacy”, she said.

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