Takura saves Zim hip hop with his new video

By Tatenda Marwodzi

RnB and Hip Hop artist, Takura, has saved Zimbabwean hip hop once again with his new music video.

His new song, It’s Okay Not To Be Okay comes as a relief to hip hop fans who were frustrated at the lack of quality hip hop music in the country.
“Takura’s new video is levels, he is really saving Zim hip hop,” observed a fan.

A few months back popular blogger, Larry Kwirirai came out with a controversial opinion when he said that “Zim hip hop never got big because it never competed with the system”. His statement created a platform for honest dialogue on why other music genres like dancehall were more successful in the country.

While some believed radio stations were to blame for not playing hip hop music, some believed it wasn’t okay to blame the media for mediocre talent.

Fortunately this time around Takura has saved face and given hope that Hip Hop artists can flourish too. He has previously released popular hits with more than a million views on YouTube such as Zvemoyo.

The visuals of his videos are always exceptional and fans are loving his consistency.

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