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The Fear of COVID-19 in Ibadan, Lagos Increasing

By Yusuf Akinloye Akintunde

Covid-19 is not a death sentence, that should be having that great fear from humanity.

It should be known that anyone that is sick and confirmed positive, should remain positive that he/she will survive the Covid-19 trials but only need to follow the recovery and management protocols. Even when there has not been an evacuation, yet, he should start basic management protocol.

The natural therapies work, but those natural therapies should not be abused like hot fermentation of the chest region and lung massaging (it requires some skills) to rapidly correct breathing difficulties in the sufferer. Combination of lemon/lime, garlic and ginger works when taking as tea, at least twice a day in hot (not warm) water, at the onset of the symptoms. Red onion (cut into pieces) becomes your bed-mate. Vitamin C 1000mg and vitamin D will also come handy at this stage.

However, attention should strictly be paid to the treatment of any underlying health issues that an individual has before. There are records that, many people get healed even before they are evacuated to Isolation Centres. The delaying in the evacuation to isolation center of some cases are due to the fact that, facilities are getting overstretched. The evacuation team waits until there’s available bed space in their facilities.

The reality of Covid-19 was that, it has come to stay like the common flu and malaria, we all just have to learn to live with it until the needed vaccines and drugs are developed to fight it.

With the easing of the lockdown here and there, there will be a spark that will surprise everybody because, we’re still living in denial majorly in African countries, Nigeria inclusive; we have not imbibe the necessary protocols to stem the transmission. It was still surprising to be seeing general attitude of people in Ibadan, and some other major cities in Nigeria sneaking in and out of their state of residence. How people moved from Lagos to Ibadan, and from Ibadan to Lagos, even with ban on interstate movements, people were trooping in and out of Ibadan.

Road blocks were just there for the security personnel’s to make good money. What they need to do was to make a settlement of the security personnel. Some commercial vehicle drivers who didn’t plan to pay so much, discharge their passengers, who walk across to join the Micra drivers that are already waiting there to make their own kill from the exorbitant fares they charge from the Dominion University road block to Ibadan.

On getting to some heart of Ibadan, Oyo State, it was as if people have not been told there’s Covid-19 as nothing suggests social distancing; ‘Okada’ are still carrying two to three passengers and ditto for cabs and nose mask is not in use.

But, can we afford to continue with this recklessness because community transmission is imminent in Ibadan. As rowdy as Lagos is, there seems to be general awareness at least in some areas.

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