The mystery behind the rescue of the abducted kids

By Yusuf Akinloye Akintunde

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The mystery behind the rescue of the abducted kids.

The release of the 333 abducted kids from Katsina school was celebrated like Yuletide. The joy knew no bound when news filtered that the boys had been rescued. Very many people had thought the kidnap would go just like the previous ones. Condemnation, criticism and inflammatory remarks were made against the government.

The scathing remarks was in order and understandable. How could the kidnap and abduction be successful at a time when Mr president was home for a private visit?

In a bid to make the dastardly act public, it was reported that the major opposition party had printed fez caps and T-shirts to be used in a planned protest against the perceived indifference of the government. Anyway, who knew whether the aborted protest was just to curry political favour in view of the dwindling fortune of the opposition. That plan on the part of the weak opposition could be as a result of an allegation of intellectual laziness and lack of vibrancy expected of an opposition; levied against them by this writer.

Consequent upon the return of the lucky lads, people have been commenting on the manner by which the government sought their release. The magic wand was potent and unprecedented but shrouded in mystery. The most surprising aspect of the process was the statement credited to both Katsina and Zamfara governors that the negotiation attracted no ransom. Mutual consent so to say. In Nigeria! Walahi it is practically impossible.

Shedding more light on the release, Katsina governor hinted that Miyethi Allah, an umbrella body of cattle rearers was helpful in the negotiation. That is absolutely possible. You know why? It is easier for a thief to identify a footprint on the rock.

Meanwhile, another version on the release, now from the military, is that the khaki boys had made an incursion into where the bandits were hibernating. In his words, the leader of the rescue mission posited that it was easier to locate the den through information from locals. He added that the kidnappers laid ambush for the troop in the jungles.

The nexus between the two stories lies in the submission of the military that the abductors; though made little repulsion, but no shot was fired. That sounds strange. Though, firing a gun shot where little kids were used as shields could forfeit the intention.

With my knowledge of logic, the seeming Nigeria of the bandits may not be unconnected with payment of ransom. But the government has made us to believe that no dime was paid.

Could the government be lying ?

An answer to the above poser is inconsequential. The good news is the achievement of result. Quick response, free information from locals, corroborative actions, synergy and prayers were the reasons behind the release.

In all honesty, FG needs to be appreciated. If there is anyone out there who does not fancy this achievement, he should be reminded of that proverbial lizard. Olagunju Samuel, Afolabi Azeez Akano, Adisa Oladimeji Michael and Alhjenam Ebong should help me complete that aphorism on the lizard.

Frank talk! Mr President, the best is the one you have not done. Bring back Leah Shuaib, fortify national security, work on our bastardized economy, stop corruption, save our universities through sincere negotiation with ASUU. ‘Sannu’ Sir, create employment for the teeming youth, stop nepotism and obey federal character, restructure the police, bring down tariff, stop estimated bills and open other boarders.

Mr President Sir, we so much had hope in you. Therefore, it is incumbent on you to justify the confidence reposed in you.May Allah continues to guard, guide and gives you the wisdom cum health needed to act like a nationalist.

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