The Night My Daughter Woke Up Crying

By Edeh Chinaza

It was a crazy night, the moment I saw my beautiful daughter crying. I have a small family, a unit of 3, my husband, myself and beautiful daughter. We always have had a peaceful night, one filled with happiness, sumptuous dinner and playful stories.As crazy and playful as we are, we were never seen praying but we play often…

We play before and after dinner and retire to bed just at a tip of the call of nature. A terrible night came when I woke up one midnight at the sorrowful tone of my Princess, she was crying bitterly that the confusion and dilemma which befall me caused my snoring husband to jerk up in fears amidst our tiredness. Maybe she has had a bad dream or perhaps seen an evil. Children are spirits, they say …hmmmmm!

Anyway, what could have prompted the entreating cries of my innocent daughter this night, I queried myself with no answer. I was as confused as my husband and in our confusion, we did everything but forgot one thing, prayer! We could have prayed, yes! But…you know, I personally didn’t listen to my instincts.

My husband advised I breast feed Amanda, Just you know, our 1 year and 3 months baby was absolutely touched by whatever it’s that caused her those tears. Breastfeeding her, she pushed off my breast and kept crying till she slept off. As usual, the next morning, my husband hurried out of the bedroom, prepared for work and kissed Amanda good-bye but my charming Princess refused letting go off him, Dad doesn’t have time now baby…he whispered to her and left a peck on my cheeks.

Bye honey, I waved at him…As a house wife, I was at home in the company of my Princess and later in the day, I got an unfortunate call from his office and according to the caller; “Amanda’s Daddy has gotten a ghastly accident”. What!…I threw off my phone, soaked in tears as I heard a whisper, Amanda saw it but you refused to pray against it. To this, I learnt the importance of prayer always at any time…. Had we prayed, he would have been sustained by God’s mercy.

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