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Top ten cancer fighting foods

By Susan Njire

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Cancer is a consuming disease that has stumped doctors and researchers for generations. There are numerous different sorts of cancers that are possible out there from skin cancer which is the most common to Colon cancer which is the most fatal.there are certain preventative measures you can take. Below is a list of cancer fighting foods one can try at home.

1. Garlic people who steadily incorporate garlic in their diet are less susceptible to developing cancer in their digestive organs like, stomach,colon and oesophagus.

2. Grape fruit .This is loaded with antioxidants namely vitamin C and it’s a negative calorie fruit. Diets high in vitamin C are directly linked to reduction in risk of getting stomach, bladder, cervix,breast and even oesophagus Cancer.

3. Broccoli is chock filled with phytochemicals which push aside cancer cells and it is also loaded with the protective enzyme sulforaphane.

4. Peanut butter.Scientist have found out that diets with high doses of vitamin E can reduce the danger of several serious cancers including lung,liver and Colon cancer.

5. Berries.Berries are juicy, flavourful and crammed with antioxidants that help your body heal while fighting off potential cancer causing cells.

6. Tomatoes.Tomatoes are juicy delicious fruits that are very flexible in terms of how you incorporate them into your food. They are high in lycopene which reduces prostatic adenocarcinoma risk. Lycopene has also been found to hamper breast endometrial and carcinoma cells from growing.

7. Sweet potatoes.Sweet potatoes are high in antioxidant which reduces the risk of getting colon, stomach and carcinoma cancer.

8. Green tea.Tea is a drink that is filled with antioxidants called catechins which are linked to the prevention and reduction of cancer risks in numerous studies.

9. Carrots.Carrots are full of nutrients and antioxidants including the previously mentioned I beta carotene. Betacarotene protects cell Walls and also it reduces growth of cancer cells.

10  Spinach.Spinach is great for your eyes because of the antioxidant Lutein which plays a hefty role in your fight against cancer. Spinach is loaded with Lutein and Zeaxanthin which combat the free radicals in your body that do damage and result in potential cancer.

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