True Life Story: Wife, community leader collude to kill husband

By Olewaseun Sonde

Akeem Akintola (not real name) was working with Kings Hotel (not the hotel real name) for several years before was later posted to Lagos branch.

Akintola was a Muslim and determined to marry a Muslim woman as well. The unfortunate happened on the day of his wedding in Ogun state, Agbado area close to Lagos to be precise.

According to a report, the intended wife of Akintola, Sukurat Jimoh (not real name) and family failed to show on the day of wedding as guests and well wishers had travelled from far and near to attend the Muslim wedding.

Luckily for Akintola, an old friend of him, Rukayat Akinpelu (not real name) who had dated in the past was among the guests that came for the wedding.

Akinpelu, a typist played along with Akintola after much persuasion and she made herself available to replace Sukurat Jimoh. The family members of Akintola played along while the guests were puzzled about the newly introduced wife.

The wedding however was successful and they were blessed with female children named Latifat, Khalifat and Aisha Akintola. They were living together as a family and Akintola was hoping to have a male child.

Then the unforeseen event happened, the man who claimed to have stopped drinking as at the time he got married suddenly started drinking again which led to his employer sacking him.

He was compensated being long serving staff of the hotel. Akintola gave the money to his wife to start a business as things were getting tougher.

His family was struggling to pay for school fees of their three children and feeding was becoming difficult for Akintola’s family.

The wife started a lubricant business which exposed her to meeting influential people in the Oil and Gas sector that were interested in dating her.

For a while, her business was transformed as she began to expand in network and buying goods in high quantity to sell as a distributor most especially in Apapa, Lagos.

She became a breadwinner at the expense of drinking husband that was jobless and in no time, she started having extra marital affairs.

A time came that the woman was dating a community leader, Chief Kayode Isaika (not real name) in the same area of the husband’s residence unknown to her husband.

The community leader later impregnated her. Sadly, when friends and family members informed husband that his wife was having marital affair, he disregarded their concerns and vowed to always love her instead. He debunked such news and warned family members not to break their years of marriage.

The woman gave birth to a boy, which made the husband very happy but unknown to him, the boy wasn’t his. Record has it that during the naming ceremony, the real father who is also the community leader could not attend the ceremony since people in the community knew all about his affair with Akintola’s wife.

Also report has it that the community leader sent money for the boy’s naming ceremony despite his absence and for the family welfare. The husband took care of the boy for over four years and all of these times, the community leader was not happy that he could not have access to his son. Moreso, the boy did not recognize him as his father.

Akintola’s wife later moved to her newly completed building in a move to have access to the community leader. While in her newly completed building, report has it that the community leader was visiting her unknown to her husband.

As times passes by, the community leader and Akintola’s wife conspired and murdered him during the year fasting season. Report has it that both sent assassins to kill him on that unfortunate day, knowing fully well that Akintola stay alone.

The killers of Akintola were not found and he was buried in his house according to Muslim rite. Before now, Akintola while in the university had a female child that has come of age. The first child of Akintola had married and was living in around Badagry in Lagos.

The first daughter of the deceased, who was not aware of her father’s death until about one year later, came around to meet her father’s grave. She wept bitterly, mourned her father’s death for a while and traveled back to her husband residence in Badagry.

After five years, she came to his father’s house only to discover that the house has been taken over by the developer. She made enquires on how the house was leased but to no avail as nobody was ready to risk his/her life. She felt so cheated and neglected that she was not informed before all the decisions were made.

All efforts to meet her father’s wife was abortive.

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