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Trump Statement after Iran Attack on U.S. Troops Bases

By Khalil Ahmed

Iran’s attack on U.S. troops’ bases in Iraq has alarmed new tensions in the region. The world was waiting for U.S. President Mr. Donald Trump’s response after Iran’s attack on U.S troops’ housing bases. Iran also claimed some 80 deaths and many wounded U.S troops. However, the president addresses the nation from the White House for 10 minutes.

The president began his address with the affirmation once again. He stated we would never allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. Trump declared no American casualty in Iran’s attack on U.S. troops housing military bases in Iraq. None of the U.S. troops suffered any casualties in the attack. He confirmed that their solders are safe. Only partial and minimum damages occurred to military bases.

President Trump said Iran is apparently standing down. It is so good for the U.S. and all concerned along with the whole world. Our forces are ready to tackle anything. We are ready to do anything we can. He claimed Iran as a terrorist-supporting nation. Iran is backing many terrorist activities in the region and world.

Mr. Trump once again confirmed the killing of Iranian General Qasem Soleiomani as killing the world’s top terrorists.

According to Trump, the Iranian General was involved in training and launching terrorist activities in the region. The General was responsible for fueling bloody civil wars in the region. He trained Hezbollah and other terrorist armies. General Qasem Soleimani ruthlessly killed thousands of U.S. forces personnel. Trump said Soleimani was responsible for recent attacks and the killing of U.S personnel in Iraq. He was planning to kill more U.S. troops. That’s why we killed him to stop more killing of U.S. personnel.

President Trump also criticized Iran for its very defective nuclear deal as Iran has withdrawn from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Trump warned Iran to abandon nuclear ambitions and support terrorism. He asked all other allies to withdraw from the deal. He urges U.S. allies and the world to work together to make a concrete deal with Iran to save the world.

Trump defames the view of conflict to access the Middle East oil. He stated we do not need Middle East oil. He claimed that the U.S has gained energy independence. They are no more dependent on any other country. They are world No.1 oil and natural gas producers. Therefore, they do not need oil from the Middle East.

The president warned Iran that they would not tolerate such attacks in the future. Therefore, Iran will face more hard and strict additional sanctions. These sanctions will remain in effect until the behavior change in Iran. Iran has to change its behavior. Otherwise, they will face consequences. The U.S. government is also seeking some other option to response in wake of Iran attack on U.S. troops’ military bases.

On the other end, Trump messaged a prosperous future for the Iranian people for harmony with world nations. The U.S. wishes a good future for the Iranian people what they deserve. However, they have to bring harmony with the other nations in the world.

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